First Responders United

Crowd Sourced Funding Serving The Families Of Members

The First Responders United (FRU) corporation provides a service to First Responders that ensures that 100% of the donated proceeds are delivered promptly to the family in their time of need. You can feel confident that your family will be taken care of after you have passed in the line of duty as a First Responder. We are working with many valuable partners to provide the resources to meet the most urgent needs of First Responders and their families, whether they are strictly volunteer status or in a paid position. We wish to serve both volunteer and paid First Responders equally. If you become a member and pay your monthly fee you will be guaranteed your benefits.

The founders of First Responders United were disappointed in large organizations that were created to move charitable funds around and the people who need the help do not always get the funds they deserve. FRU seeks to avoid the pitfalls which are apparent in those organizations which in some cases are only able to deliver 20% or less of collected donations to the groups they were founded to serve. Our passion is changing those numbers around and we are successfully delivering 100% of proceeds to the families of the fallen First Responders.

There are three million first responders in our country and after you count your family members, the number of people affected by this line of work numbers about ten million people. Our police, fire, emergency medical professionals and search and rescue teams provide critical services to their communities and give of themselves to help our families, so they deserve to be honored with our own time and concern for their loved ones. First Responders truly appreciate knowing that there will be someone there to help their families when they are gone. First Responders United is dedicated to providing the needed help to the families of our brave community members who serve us, even at the risk of death or bodily injury.

FRU seeks to alleviate the fear and uncertainty that the families of fallen First Responders feel after suddenly losing a valued family member in the line of duty.  We are honored to give back to our community by serving the families of First Responders when they are in their darkest times and greatest need.