I Want To Help First Responders

FRU has the benefit of access to two organizations that are perfectly positioned to provide the support needed to fulfill our objectives. Our business plan is solid and will create positive changes and financial security in the lives of First Responders and their families.

We are deeply moved by the sacrifices made by our First Responders and we feel we owe them a debt of gratitude fulfilled by ensuring their families are the only ones benefitting from any fundraising that is done. It is our passion to serve the families of fallen First Responders.

Friends of FRU can sign up with us in order to be kept up to date with all of the pertinent information. We will notify you when someone goes down, either by email or text message. We will prepare the press releases for friends of first responders in a timely manner. After the family or beneficiaries are notified, we will get to know his/her captain and chiefs. We will always share important information with spouses and beneficiaries first, and then we share the information about the loss with those who are able to donate and help us with our mission to help.

We are aware of the unique opportunity for members to share their membership with colleagues, chiefs, and other leaders in the First Responders field, so we encourage them to help us reach out to others who may be interested in becoming a member. We are very passionate about helping both volunteer and career First Responders. All firefighters are trained to work together as a team to put out fires and address emergencies. There is no greater cause for us than to dry the tears of family members who have lost a loved one. It is our special mission in life to put out the fire of injustice that is currently being experienced by many families of First Responders.

First Responders United (FRU) will be one of only a few currently operating national charities dedicated to helping the family members of First Responders who lost their lives in the line of duty. We pledge that 100% of funds collected on behalf of families will go, without “tax”, to the intended recipients. This kind of commitment is hard to find anywhere else, but we are able to fulfill that promise partially through our relationship with TCN and Summit Trust Company. Our donors will know that 100% of everything they give will go to the intended target and FRU will cover all of the costs incurred through collecting those donations. Few charitable organizations are able to operate at this level of transparency, but FRU does. Our corporation is expertly planned and designed in order to provide the most benefit to our community, First Responders, and their families.